The Cowbell Principle



What Is The Cowbell Principle? Just like Will Ferrell’s goofy cowbell player in the Saturday Night Live sketch “More Cowbell,” you already possess a unique value that people have a fever for – your cowbell. For individuals, a cowbell is a talent or gift. For businesses, it’s a durable competitive advantage. The key to happiness and success is knowing who you are and how you can make other people happy. A cowbell gives your value to people and they love you for it.

What Problem Does It Solve? As simple as The Cowbell Principle sounds, few people or businesses harness its full power. Many individuals struggle to find their unique gift. Some toil on things they love that no one else appreciates- these are bagpipes not cowbells. Some find their cowbell but are frustrated that they can’t spend more time on it. Still others wish they could get paid for it. Similarly, many companies begin and grow without a real competitive advantage. This dooms them to miserable pricing wars with other non-unique businesses, shrinking profits and eventual failure. This book helps people and businesses find their true cowbell, develop it and communicate it. As a result, they are empowered to reach new levels of joy, fulfillment and profits.

Who Is It For? The book is for leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives and artists who want to maximize their unique differentiating strengths. But it’s also for employees anywhere who want to make more money, enjoy their work more and create job security for themselves.

TheCowbellPrincipleFullCover1260Thanks to our Silver Level Sponsors, Pamela Galle of Threshold Repertory Theater and the NOW Marketing Group! Pam’s story is also in the book. Check it out!